Week 6: Cinematic Trailer Genres


Movie Trailers: Coming Soon

Mini Challenge: Mini Trailer

Type + Footage or Graphic Elements

Examples of genres in trailers & promos

Text and Background Effects

Project: Type-based genre trailers

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.08.02 PM



Cinematic Typography:


After Effects (Review):

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.08.02 PM

Assignment: Trailer Typography (30 – 90 seconds)

Create a movie trailer using a combination of footage and typographic compositions. Choose a genre, and create graphics that make sense for the tone you want to set. The main focus of this assignment is the typographic compositions + backgrounds that you create, ie the motion graphics. You should include some copy cards, a quote card, and a title card. The scenes in between are up to your discretion. You can try to treat it seriously, and attempt to make a realistic seeming trailer, or you can flip the genre, or take a humorous or weird approach. You can use sound effects and music to set the tone of the piece as well.


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